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Writing a solution manual for textbooks.

This question is similar to other questions asked on Math SE Meta, however it is distinct: this was never answered this, that, and other partially answer my question. So, I've done my research but I'...
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Are literature reference requests acceptable for questions from Project euler?

While problems from PE should not be flat-out copy-pasted, might it be acceptable for a user to request some literature reference in order to assist him\her with a PE problem?
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Your opinion: series of questions regarding Miklos Schweitzer problems

Do you think it would be fine to post a series of questions regarding problems of the past Miklos Schweitzer competitions? Since the problems are not trivial at all and the solutions are not ...
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What's the [problem-solving] tag for?

here are 358 questions tagged problem-solving. Question: What's the problem-solving tag for? The questions with this tag seem wildly varied. By the looks of things, it's mainly added to questions ...
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