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Why can I unprotect questions but not protect them?

I just got the privilege to (un)protect questions. However I can only see the button to unprotect, not the button to protect. See: That question is more than a day old, so I should be able to ...
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Is it possible/desirable for answers to be preserved when a highly downvoted question is deleted?

Background: As I was viewing this question, I felt it worth drawing the OP's attention to other posts discussing the potential dangers of trying to treat $\infty$ as a number when performing ...
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17 votes
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Protect questions. Practical reasons.

Today I've earned the privilege to protect questions. I've visited the dedicated page, but I have to admit that I'm not satisfied with the reasons for protecting a question given there: "Questions ...
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Finding protected questions

How do I find the list of protected questions? I've seen a couple of protected questions for which I could not see a reason for protection and I'd like to find more.
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Should we eliminate protecting?

There are many users who, at the moment, have less than 10 rep. There are many reasons why, including the fact that they haven't come across a question in their expertise, or that they don't have any ...
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