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11 votes
1 answer

What makes a post go viral?

Looking at the main page, we see a list of questions with basic information about them - including the number of views. That number of views can vary quite wildly. An interesting question from ...
19 votes
4 answers

A super easy way to get several gold badges

This is in response to this post: How to increase traffic to the site? This site rewards publicity generously. If you share a link to a question, and the link is clicked on by 1000 different IP ...
40 votes
2 answers

Catalog of standard exercises

Now hosted on WordPress The current version of the catalog is at It has been expanded compared to the description below. Still under construction. Original version of the ...
3 votes
1 answer

Who controls the Twitter account?

I follow the MSE Twitter account, and was wondering who decides which questions (main and/or meta) to "tweet". Is the selection automated, akin to the way "Community" operates? Maybe this is common ...
2 votes
1 answer

Hot questions on StackExchange

I don't know how they compute this list, but at least briefly two questions from Math.StackExchange were on the list of the hotest questions in all of StackExchange: . :-)
40 votes
6 answers

How to increase traffic to the site?

First, a congratulatory news: at some point today, Mathematics.StackExchange became the 3rd largest site on SE network, by the number of questions posted. This is the first time an SE 2.0 site ...
4 votes
0 answers

Please validate my idea to promote the site.

I asked this question. After seeing Mr Weiner's tweet about the question on reddit, I asked him to try asking it here to compare quality and response times. Then I remember Jeff saying in a podcast ...
17 votes
1 answer

math.stackexchange question mentioned on TechCrunch!

Congratulations to Qiaochu Yuan for your answer on "Mathematical difference between white and black notes in a piano?", which already has 69 upvotes and over 5000 views... this morning your answer was ...
10 votes
2 answers

Getting the word out

Hi all, The StackExchange team is starting in on ideas for getting math.SE some publicity. Beyond "what websites to advertise on," which was the focus of the previous publicity meta discussion, I'd ...