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The undisclosed algorithm through which all new questions are passed to determine if they can be posted on SE.

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Character length filter

On Math Stack Exchange, you can create a custom filter. That gave me an idea for a feature to add to the filter, and that is the ability to sort by character ranges. You could put in the filter "...
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What to do when the site doesn't accept my question?

I am trying to ask a question on the main site, the solution of which I cannot find after innumerable tries. I've provided my working and used proper grammar, but the system keeps saying, "This ...
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Why this body does not qualify as a valid maths question?

"Given $ \frac r s $, with $ r, s \in \mathbb N $. Is there an expression to obtain the values for $ x, y, u, v \in \mathbb N $, where $ \frac x y $ and $ \frac u v $ are irreducible, such that $ \...
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Should the site have an automatic word filter for titles?

Math.SE has a problem with titles. The percentage of questions with the redundant word question in the title is highest on Stack Exchange, by far. Plenty of titles consist of other mostly useless ...
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This post does not meet our quality standards. [duplicate]

I try to post question but I always get the message: This post does not meet our quality standards. For example: I try to understand why by definition $[c0,c1,]=[c0,[c1,]]$ and also $[...
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Is the quality filter for questions customized for MSE?

Is there any evidence that the automatic "quality filter" for questions has been customized for Is the filter uniform for the whole network?
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The your question does not meet our quality standards thing..........

I love your site.... but the your question does not meet our quality standards thing is really annoying... I have wasted lots of time trying to figure out what this message means.....maybe someone ...
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why Mathematics meta doesn't allow me to ask this question?

prove that , if x is rational number then , tan(x) is not rational number. i tried to ask this question , it says , " ops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: •It does not meet our quality ...
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asking help for image posting

i want to post a problem which is in image file. i have upload the image file but I can not post it. after uploading upper question box shows this which i written in second bracket: { ![Untitled][...
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message about "quality standards"

When a question or an answer is too short (and specifically what is the cut-off?), this error message appears: Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: It does not meet our quality ...
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"Quality standards"?

I just tried to post the following paragraph to meta: I just entered "\frac{x^2}{x^4+1}" into the search box, with unfruitful results. Can things like this be done? I got this error message: Oops! ...
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Low quality posts

Some time back,I was trying to ask a question.(Find the smallest positive integer $a$ such that 1971 divides $50^n+a.23^n$ for odd n.) This is what I got: "Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted ...
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Cannot post a question because "It does not meet our quality standards"

If I want to post question, it displays the following: Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: * It does not meet our quality standards.
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