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Activities such as searching, voting and suggesting edits are rate-limited on Stack Exchange sites. These restrictions generally exist to prevent abuse. If you attempt to perform these actions too frequently you may see a warning message.

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Several posts on the same topic in a short amount of time - check for suspicious activity

Question I was wondering if there was a rule that prevented the same account from asking many similar questions (essentially the same type of problem but with different functions) in a short period of ...
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Why sometimes when I post a problem I need to wait for 40 minutes?

I recently was trying to post a maths problem but when I click on submit it tells me that you can post once in every 40minutes as such I didn't post anything at all before this in few months so why ...
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4 votes
1 answer

"You can only post once every 40 minutes."

Dear all friendly mathematicians, When I tried to post my question on this site - I saw "You can only post once every 40 minutes." Is there a restriction on that in general? Or is that due ...
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30 votes
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I am a student and have reached my limit of 50 questions per month what do I do?

I am a student and have reached my limit of 50 questions per month. I am poor and can't afford a math teacher and have been using this site to teach me a lot of new things so that I can get better at ...
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Reaching question limit problem

Recently I would like to ask a question but it showed up "I've reached the question limit", what should I do to remove my ban?
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What is the minimum time difference between 2 questions?

What is the minimum time difference between 2 questions ? Like I have recently posted a geometry question but I also got a FE doubt and I want to ask it as soon as possible, but if I post it ...
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Why have I been blocked from posting questions?

I was about to post another question, but for some reason, I am not allowed to. I haven't received any down votes in the last few months, my last post hasn't had negative feedback, why am I not ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Why can't I post a question about math -stack-exchange?

I am an user of math-stack-exchange an unfortunately a short time ago I have tried to ask a question but the system submit to me the following message: «You can only ask 6 questions in a 24-hour ...
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5 votes
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Why I am not able to ask questions?

In my profile I have asked 6 questions of which no have down votes. 1 have 0 votes and 4 have 1 up votes and 1 have 2 up votes. I don't have asked poor quality questions (no down votes). It's also ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Limitation on asking questions

When I attempted to ask a question on math.stackechange this message appeared... ...
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Why I can only post every 3 minutes?

I wanted to answer to 2 questions and it looks that my answer to the second question is not accepted because I answered the first one less than 3 minutes ago... why is there such a restriction? What ...
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How to undo my own wrong down vote [duplicate]

I saw an answer to a question and thought there was an error in it. I wrote a comment and downvoted it. Then the original poster responded to my comment and it turns out I was mistaken and the answer ...
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Is there a limit to the number of low-quality posts that I can flag?

I've recently got the privilege of recommending deletion and recommending closing low-quality posts and I've been quite active trying to do my bit giving feedback but the dialog box that shows up on ...
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Why I can't make question on stack exchange app? [duplicate]

Whenever I try to upload a question. It is showing that your limit is exhausted. Try after 7 days. Can anyone suggest me how to come up with this problem? And ask my doubts frequently.
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9 votes
1 answer

Is there a limit on number of questions a user can ask in a given time frame?

Is there a limit on number of questions a user can ask in a given time frame? Here is a similar question which was posted 5 years ago? It says the limit is 50 questions per 30 days. Has the limit ...
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38 votes
4 answers

Should we rate limit answerers?

I was reading this post where Jyrki writes: I have come to think that answers that clearly required less than ten minutes of processing from the part of the answerer should be just left unposted. ...
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How is this restriction of 50 questions in 30 days calculated in Mathematics Stack Exchange?

I have started asking questions since April, the 3rd and today is May, the 3rd and I have already asked 50 questions so far in this period. Reason behind this is that I have been constantly solving ...
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Limit for number of questions where tag can be added by tag-creator soon after the creation of tag

Occasionally we have seen a situation like this: A user creates a new tag. The tag is then discussed on meta and the consensus is that the tag is not suitable and should be completely removed. However,...
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15 votes
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Maximum Number of Closed Votes Queue Limit

I have been noticing that there are more frequent occurrences of the Closed Votes queue getting over 200-items (red-dot). I have not seen this on any of the other queues. Should consideration be ...
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Going over the voting limit cap [duplicate]

I realized that I voted 41 times today (see this picture taken from my profile) while the limit is supposed to be 40. Just by curiosity, is there an explanation to that?
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Is there a way to get some priviliges concerning limited questions per certain amount of time?

I know I've a lot to do this year (i.e. making a lot of past papers and past editions of maths olympiads both of secondary school and university level) and I want to get the most out of it. So this ...
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About the number of moderation flags

I have looked on the website for quite some time now, and I still haven't find how the number of moderation flags available is computed. I think at first I had $10$ of them, but then after a little ...
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sometimes, deleting a question shouldn't be immediate?

It is the second time it happens to me today, I take 5 minutes to understand a question, then 10 minutes for writing (and editing multiple times) a detailed answer or comment, I'm proud of me, and ...
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1 answer

Is there an enforced time limit between questions?

I was browsing the site money.stackexchange, and had two related but still distinct questions I wanted to ask. I posted the first, but after writing the second and attempting to post, I encountered ...
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1 answer

Number of days of denying asking question after a good question after 3 bad ones.

I had asked 3 Questions which were not well received, so the original site asked me to wait for 7 days, and ask a valid question the fourth time. After 7 days, I asked one and got 4 upvotes. However ...
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Created an other account to ask question, but also locked. Why? [duplicate]

It looks that I asked to much question today, then my account has been locked. Then, I created an other account to ask a question (I saw that it was not forbidden), and the other new account is locked ...
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System not allowing me to ask questions on

So I got the wait 6 days before posting again issue on Why won't the system allow me to ask questions for several days? The thing is I have only two questions asked, both with ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Is it wrong to make a second account if you've reached your monthly asking limit?

Basically what's in the title: I've reached my monthly question limit and I considered making a second account, but I won't until I know if this is frowned upon or not here. Is it wrong to make a ...
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Why can't I perform this action for another 39 seconds?

Why does the system logic sometimes prevent me from submitting a question?
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Closing a close votes review loophole

A certain user has commented that they make use of a loophole: the user skips all of the questions in the close vote review queue, but opens the questions in a separate tab/window and votes to vote to ...
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1 answer

More than 20 reviews in a day

How is that possible? I looked for duplicates but couldn't find any. This question might be related.
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1 answer

How many questions can be asked per day by one user? [duplicate]

How many questions can a user ask per day in a math.stackexchange? Does the number depend on anything? I tried to find the answer but unsuccessfully.
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What to do with: "You may only load the closed dialog every 3 seconds"

If I try to close a question then the following text appears: "You may only load the closed dialog every 3 seconds" and closing is not possible. I encounter this problem not on my own computer.
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Is it possible to vote more than 40 times a day? [duplicate]

I thought there was the limit of 40 votes, but when I visited this morning, I noticed this How come?
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1 answer

Concerns about time in between posting

Why is there a twenty minute time limit between posting questions?? What if I have two completely unrelated questions and need help on both?
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1 answer

Can moderators surpass the daily limit of 20 reviews?

I'm just curious about this. Can a moderator surpass the daily limit of 20 reviews?
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Does migration count as a question for maximum 6 posts a day?

If a question is migrated from a different SE to MSE, does it count as a question for maximum 6 questions a day? In particular, I want to request migration of
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1 answer

increased number of votes for closing questions?

I used to have 24 votes per day for closing questions. Today I noticed that the number of votes was 50. True, this morning there was a bunch of questions (16) to be reviewed, but otherwise I saw no ...
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More helpful (non-uniform) upper limit of questions

I recognize the current upper limit on questions helps to prevent spam, floods, and this sort of distraction. But after reading Matt N.'s post and some of his questions, I am thinking a more helpful ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What is the standard time maintained by MSE?

I get this message "You can only post 6 questions in a 24 hour period". So, I would like to know the standard time maintained by MSE so that I know when I can again ask questions. I would also like ...
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Why there is no timer for upvoting?

As far as I know, you can't upvote two comments in less than 5 seconds. Why don't we have such a system for up/down-voting questions? For example once you vote you can't vote again for 10 or 15 ...
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The Limit of asking a question

I have a question for MSE. I noticed that the number of asking question is limtted. I guess, someone ask 60 questions per a month. My limit finished. And I know that as time goes on, I ask few ...
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Is the question limit removed?

I mean the 50Q per 50day, and 6Q per day limit. I did some search on beta and found 50Q per month, though.
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8 votes
1 answer

Able to vote after reaching daily limit

I burnt through my 30+x votes very quickly today, leading to the notice (in blue upon reaching the limit, in red upon trying to vote thereafter): You've reached your daily vote limit; vote again in ...
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Bug in timer when trying to post an answer

I clicked on "Post your answer" and got a notice saying I can do this only once every 60 seconds. I had not done it in the preceding 60 seconds. A bug.
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0 answers

daily limit of Reviewing first post

I've reviewed 20 first post then system shows "Thank you for reviewing 20 First Posts today; come back in 7 hours to continue reviewing." Why there is a daily limit in it?
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8 votes
1 answer

Why must I wait 5s after deleting my own comment to perform any other comment actions?

If I delete a comment of mine, and then try to upvote a following comment, the upvote is rejected, with the message "You may only submit a comment vote every 5 seconds": Apparently, my deletion of my ...
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1 answer

Why I cannot ask further questions?

My profile can be be found in I cannot ask further questions. It seems that this option is blocked or damaged in my PC. How I can resolve this problem?...
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How often can I ask a question?

I wonder what is the time limit of how often can one ask a question on Math Stack Exchange? I tried to ask a new question shortly after I posted one, and the Ask Question link always referred me back ...
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Six questions limit per 24 hour

How can I know if I had posted 6 questions previously when would my 24 hour limit gets over for posting more questions? Edit: I had posted 6 questions, after few moments(within 5min) I found 2 ...
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