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When viewing a question, the "Related Questions" block is shown on the right side of the page and provides a system-generated list of questions similar to the current one.

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Is there a way to see related questions *before* I post a question? [duplicate]

Is there a way to see related questions before I post a question? I recently posted this question. After I wrote the question, but before I posted it, I went through the automatically-generated list ...
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Improve similar problem searching system

This is a problem which has happened many times when I want to ask a question on MSE. After I finish the title of my question, there'll be a Similar questions box to offer me some similar question. If ...
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Should linked and related questions be the same question?

I found this question which was rather interesting, and gave it an upvote, and I looked at the linked and related questions as well. For some reason, the linked question was also part of the related ...
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"Related questions" have returned?

I was very pleased, just now, after clicking on some questions, to see the return of the column of "Related questions", which seemed to disappear for some time. Was this a bug that was ...
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Why I can't see the "related" questions? [duplicate]

For the last two weeks (at least) I am unable to view the "related" questions. I can see the linked questions but not the related. Why this happens?
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No related questions are displayed (Updated)

Currently no related questions are displayed at the right hand bar. Is it just a technical problem or does it have another reason? An example has been attached. Updated: The problem has recurred again....
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What do the green boxes mean?

Some posts have their vote count highlighted green, while others do not. What does this mean? Does it just mean that that post has a high amount of upvotes? Does it mean the post does not have a ...
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MathJax broken in "Related" section

The MathJax/LaTeX rendering seems to be broken for question titles in the "Related" section. Example from Show that 1 + $\lambda$ is an eigenvalue of $I + A$: (Observed with Safari and Chrome on OS ...
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Showing related questions from MathOverflow

I'm a professional mathematician but I usually have non-professional questions, or perhaps some dumb professional ones that do not reach “research level”. Nevertheless, I think that sometimes it might ...
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Color tag for accepted answers on "Related" posts

I have a question about a convenient feature that seems to have disappeared after the last "overhaul" (or whatever it was) on M.SE. I seem to recall that, in the column of "Related" posts associated ...
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Am I missing the similar questions bar on the right? [duplicate]

I just posted a question and on the right I have the box for meta stuff and the blog posts, and below that hot network questions, I'm sure there used to be a similar content thing, am I mad? It's ...
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Searching for related content

Before I reply to a question I usually use the search function of math.stackexchange to find related content. I read the FAQ, I tried both ASCII and LaTeX code, with/without tags, but nothing beats ...
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Related questions on sidebar missing

I noticed yesterday in a couple of questions and today in this one that, at least on my screen, the related questions are missing. Why is this? Why does it only happen sometimes? Can I do it in such ...
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