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Scraper sites are websites copying content from other websites. Use this tag for questions related to sites copying contents from math.SE. (In particular, if this is done without proper attribution.)

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9to5Science scraper site is plagiarizing our content

While testing AI tools on DuckDuckGo (DDG), I noticed that the scraper site is plagiarizing much of our content (along with other SE science sites). For example a DDG search on "...
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Site with (full?) copy of stackexchange including translation [duplicate]

I came across that site/page This is exactly a question in stackexchange, but translated to german (using google?): I came originally on this site "...
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Sites with copypasta from MSE? [duplicate]

Recently, when I surfed the web, I stumbled onto this and had a deja vu. Despite I see that site for the first time, the answer there was indeed written by me. It's original can still be found here. ...
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Two new scraper sites?

Just came across these google links when searching for some keywords in a MSE-answer: (I've opened ...
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Questions Copied from Math StackExchange and placed on other Websites [duplicate]

I have posted a question on Math.SE and spent a lot of time improving it as it has been on hold. However an earlier inferior version of my question has appeared on a website called ...
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Another scraper-site? ( - Could we have a (dynamic) list of scraper-links?

Searching google firstly with 1.291285997 I arrived -after a pretty long list of helpful/interesting finds- with one link to a site, which is seemingly a scraper-...
21 votes
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Is it really wrong to have sites copying the questions and answers from Math.SE?

I've seen a few posts reporting that some websites where copying and uploading the questions and answers here in their site, as if they were their own. My question is, does do ...
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27 votes
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MSE 'mirror' or...?

This may not be terribly important, but while searching with Google for some stuff, I had a few MSE links come up, and then the same things on another site: It appears to be ...
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Mirror site with a funny name?

I came across this site while I was looking up a user online. I am just curious how the above link leads to the same site(I mean the web address seems a bit unconventional.) ...
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Copying questions on other websites: Promoting MSE or ripping it off? [duplicate]

I was looking at the following MSE question Is There An Injective Cubic Polynomial $\mathbb Z^2 \rightarrow \mathbb Z$? (a popular 76 upvote, 100 bonus at present) and after a related google search I ...
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9 votes
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Are they under same parent companies?

I am looking for another answer to a problem posted earlier at MSE here, and by chance stumbled into another website called How360 having exactly the same question and answers here. Are they under the ...
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What is this site (a copy of all the Stackexchange websites)? This site is a copy of all the stackexchange websites. I don't know how ...
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Website Mirroring StackExchange

The website seems to be stealing information from several StackExchange sites, including Mathematics. What is the appropriate way to ...
17 votes
2 answers

Website plagiarizing math.stackexchange material

I just discovered that the question Representing a binary number has been copied without citation to I suspect that the website "Q&...
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