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For questions about built-in search functionality of this site and about searching this site using external search engines.

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Trying to ask a question provides better results than normal search.

I have noticed this interesting behavior several times now. Many a time I scour Math SE looking for a particular query but fail to find anything even after several rounds of rephrasing and ...
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"Maybe answered questions" box on "Ask Question" page is much more useful than "Search Q&A"

I often find that "Search Q&A" is quite useless when I want to find a question or something related to it. But I've also noticed that when I'm about to ask a question, the "Questions that may ...
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Improving the search system

When recognizing some questions as duplicates, sometimes it is difficult to find the original question one remembers. For instance, I recently saw a question asking to prove that $$\forall x\in(-1,1),\...
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Help me find an original for questions like "Why $(-1)^{ab} \ne [(-1)^a]^b$ when $a, b, \in \Bbb R$?"

There are many questions that boil down to "why is it not true that $(-1)^{ab} = [(-1)^a]^b$ (or $z^{ab} = (z^a)^b$) for $z \in \Bbb C$ and $a, b \in \Bbb R$ (or $\Bbb C$)?" and, respectively, "...
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Provide a way to search for a user's answers to closed questions

The only notification one gets that a question they've answered has met with others' dissatisfaction is when it has been deleted and their reputation is reduced. It would be nice if a user, who has ...
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How effectively to search through MSE resources

I'm on MSE one year but I'm still don't know how to effectively search through MSE resources to get required information. The search machine is very inaccurate and rarely gives high quality response. ...
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Search queries involving symbols and/or $\TeX{}$

Currently some (most?) fairly crucial symbols such as = and ^ are truncated in search queries, making it pretty tough to find ...
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How to quickly find duplicate questions which are not exact duplicates.

Some moderators are able to find duplicate posts which are not exact duplicates. That is to say even in the case where the question is posed completely differently but the solution uses similar ...
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Find earlier questions about $x^2 - 3 x = 2 y^2$

a question I answered, Solving the nonlinear Diophantine equation $x^2-3x=2y^2$ has apparently not helped the student enough. I answered his email today, maybe that will help. In particular, I ...
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Improve similar problem searching system

This is a problem which has happened many times when I want to ask a question on MSE. After I finish the title of my question, there'll be a Similar questions box to offer me some similar question. If ...
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Searching for text in questions I have answered

The question pendulum modeling is essentially a duplicate of the question mathematical model of a pendulum. I had supplied an answer to the older one and wanted to find it. I searched on my user ...
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Not having pure Latex as titles

A few times I have been told to not to turn the titles to Latex only as that stops them from being indexed by search engines. I see two problems with that : 1.What seems natural humans behaviour ...
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search among formerly featured questions

As far as I know, there is no “been formerly attributed a bounty” tag in the search options? I tend to like featured questions even when the bounty is no longer active and such a feature would be ...
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How to find duplicates?

I am facing a basic problem: I do not know whether I am being silly or not, but often when I look at some questions, I feel that I have seen that before (if they have special structures like this one) ...
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Where did uniquation go?

Several posts both on the main site and on meta mention uniquation as a tool for searching online for websites containing some mathematical formula.1 The URL for this website provided in those answers ...
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Update the Help Center article on searching to mention the in:saves operator in place of the inbookmarks:mine operator

The Help Center article titled "How do I search?" needs to be updated to mention the in:saves operator in place of the deprecated ...
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Doubled MathJax (including in Google search)

I noticed in the past year or so that there was a change in the MathJax that results in every MathJax equation being doubled, one being an image and one being a text-based rendering. Usually one of ...
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Search Engine: Features

There's an article in help center: How do I search? And some articles in meta, e.g.: Search automatically assuming tags Improving the search system How to search among comments? Search Function for ...
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How can I search for old questions with recently active "interested users"?

If I want to search for old questions in need for an answer, I can use a search query like is:question hasaccepted:no isanswered:no lastactive:6m.. score:1 but ...
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Excerpts in search results breaks MathJax fragments

For example: The problem, of course, is that the excerpt extraction code apparently is not aware of MathJax ...
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Optimize search results

Searching for "how to represent a square as a matrix", Google's first hit was perfect I only searched on Google after not seeing a good result on math.stackexchange's search result. Math....
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Can people find math.SE questions with identities/inequalities from Google?

One thing that I love about math.SE is the idea that people googling math quesitons will find well researched, well thought-out answers to their questions here. However, how does this work when key ...
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Is there a search option for images?

Is there a search option that selects the posts that contains an attached image? Something as the option for the search of a code?
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How to keep on top of past posts for referencing

When I joined I initially read many posts but didn't pay much attention to where they were for future reference, barring a passing nod to their respective tags. There was one integration question I ...
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Is there a way on MSE to search for previously asked questions using LaTeX code?

Before I post a question, I always try to see if it has been previously posted. But for some questions with mostly "math symbols" and few words, I find it difficult to search effectively. For example, ...
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Searching for related content

Before I reply to a question I usually use the search function of math.stackexchange to find related content. I read the FAQ, I tried both ASCII and LaTeX code, with/without tags, but nothing beats ...
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How to search for the question "what is the definition of =?"

It seems that the search engines (whether SE or Google) don't register the "=" punctuation mark, so it is not easy to find this Q. How I found it was by searching "definition of score:10" (because I ...
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Cannot find a question with all (or each) words within its topic

If I search "Menger" or "Menger's", this question will not show within the results: Induction on Menger's theorem by Diestel in Graph Theory If I search "Induction on Menger's theorem by Diestel ...
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Custom TeX command doesn't render in search results

In my answer to Collecting Stickers! Evaluate occurrence of duplicates? I defined a custom TeX command \stir, which is rendered correctly on the page itself. When ...
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Is searching a post with latex or MathJax possible?

The title of a post contains latex in Title with the help of which I wish to search for it. How is possible ? There was no luck with e.g., $y''y^3=1$ .
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Is there a possibility to search for mathematical symbols in question titles?

So here is my question, First of all It is my first question on Metha so I am not sure if am allowed to ask this here if not please tell me and I will immediately delete the question. Furthermore I ...
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How to get list of questions by status?

How to get a list of the questions according to status as: No answers. On hold, requiring improvement. With no up-voted answers (which number is advertised in the site but I can find how to access ...
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Searching for a formula

In reference to a previous comment, I was wondering about integrating MathWebSearch with SE.math.
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I'd like to suggest improving search UI.

I wanted to use search; and I realized for somebody not having learned the features yet I had to think; and it took three clicks before I could even start. I'd like to suggest improving the search UI. ...
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Has the question about antiderivates vanished?

I noticed a question on this forum, whether functions are known, for which it is known that a closed-form antiderivate exists, but the antiderivate is unknown. Since this question would interest me ...
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Searching for a solution strategy

About a year ago (I think around October or November last year) there were a series of questions whose solution strategy set up a polynomial and used its roots to find the solution. I really liked ...
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Solely one single entry per thread (question + answer) in search result.

Can the search engine return exclusively one entry/result for each thread (ie question + all answers)? The use of [questions] and/or [answers] wouldn't help because one but not the other might contain ...
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Is it possible to use the search function on stack exchange in the browser itself?

On the top of my page, I have a search bar in math Stack Exchange: Now, instead of google, is it possible to directly feed my search query into this search bar itself from the place you type address ...
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