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Questions also answered by the user asking, easily marked by the shaded user card attached to the answer.

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What can I do to improve this question?

This self-answered question has $5$ downvotes . Metamorphy commented that 'Still the question should have a context and not just a problem statement' after which I added an attempt. After discussion ...
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I have the answer to a question I wrote that was deleted

About a year ago I wrote a question and it was immediately deleted because I didn't provide enough context. But I now would be able to answer it. I saw on some of the meta questions that you can ...
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Self-answered questions and tag-wikis

I recently got the urge to update the tag-wiki for finite fields. Basically because I wanted to add that second warning there with a view of trying to prevent further confusion about the unfortunate (...
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can one ask a question one came up with oneself and one knows the answer to

I recently did so on mathematics site, and, someone kindly commented: "why do you ask if you know?". I am rather new here and I certainly try to behave like a good citizen. In fact, I asked ...
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Should I answer my own question if no one else has and I know it's correct?

I posted 2 questions a week ago: 1) 2) https://math.stackexchange....
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Using stackexchange to post your own insights Q & A style

On one of my posts, where I posted an answer at the same time that I asked a question, I got several negative votes for someone telling me not to use the site for my personal notes. It was a sort ...
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1 vote
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Question about mathexchange posts

It is stated in the blog that you can post answers to your own questions (and that it is actually encouraged). Thus I am considering in part to use math exchange to post answers to some questions I ...
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Figuring out name of result / theorem

I had made a question here asking about a result mentioned in a book I was reading whose theorem I didn't know. One of the comments gave the right name of the theorem and proof, I posted that as a ...
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Why can't all people answer their own questions?

People should be able to submit an answer to their one question no matter their reputation. I just got an answer to a question of mine from someone I knew, but I can't submit my answer any way other ...
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I figured out the answer to a question I set a bounty for. Should I post the answer, or give it some time for other people to answer?

I asked a question, got no response, placed a bounty of +100 and then while I was away I figured it out. When I came back to my computer, there was an answer, but it's not quite correct and as it ...
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Can attempts to answer own question be posted as community wiki answers?

Sometimes I write questions that are arguably too long, just trying to provide the context to understand what the question is. In these cases I am then hesitant to post my attempt at answering the ...
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Should I write and answer an interesting question that I couldn't found answered in the forum?

I had a question and couldn't find it properly answered in the forum, just little things little related that can help a little bit (I am not saying that it does not exist, just saying that I couldn't ...
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