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Support and discussion of self-deleting posts. Deleting a Question also results in deletion of any Answers posted. Self-deleting Questions isn't allowed if an Answer has been upvoted or Accepted, or while a bounty offer is open on the Question. Self-deleting Answers is usually allowed. Deleting a post rolls back reputation gains and losses associated with the post, but poorly received Questions and Answers still count toward posting bans once deleted.

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How do I get my question deleted?

I cannot delete this question because "it has an answer", even when the "answer" does not even attempt to answer the question at all. It only repeats what I wrote in the question, ...
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Useless question should be deleted?

I have asked a question and it has turned out to be useless. I misunderstood the statement of a theorem and that is why my doubt was absurd. The question does not contribute anything and the ...
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Self-deleted answer undeleted by other users

I deleted one of my answers a little less than three years ago. Today I discovered that the answer had been undeleted by three high-reputation users in August of this year. To the best of my knowledge ...
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Self-delete my criticized question?

I'd a problem reading & understanding a certain argument in an article on numbertheory. Not a big thing for any student with some experience with $\lim \inf()$ and $\lim \sup()$. So I copied (...
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