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Questions tagged [solution-verification]

For discussions about posts which ask for verification of OP's solution or proof.

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Is the [proof-writing] tag being applied in accordance with its usage guidance?

The usage guidance for the tag proof-writing says: For questions about the formulation of a proof. This tag should not be the only tag for a question and should not be used to ask for a proof of a ...
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Should more context be expected from verification questions?

Should more context be expected from verification questions? A basic (proof) verification question will contain the proof they want verified and a question along the lines "Is this correct?"One of ...
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Solution verification questions and duplicates: proposal for discussion

When a user posts a (solution-verification) question on a problem (often a standard problem), I tend to not vote to close as a duplicate, since the user is asking for feedback on their particular ...
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Guidelines for solution-verification and proof-explanation tags

Two posts I read today made me see what seems to me to be an inconsistency between the guidelines for the for the proof-explanation and solution-verification tags. The post with the solution-...
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Is this the correct site/forum for reviewing logical proofs?

Although Mathematics.SE meta seems like a better location to ask this, apparently I don't have enough points to post there so... Is this the correct site for posting logical proofs in hopes of getting ...
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Mathematical Proofs

Is this the proper site to ask about the correctness of one's proof? The proofs I would intend on asking questions about are elementary mathematics proofs such as a proof about infinitely many primes, ...
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Is there any interest in a proof proofreading site?

I envision a site where people could post their proofs -- either as answers to textbook exercises or revisions of current textbook proofs -- and get feedback on which parts might need improving, and ...
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Do proof verification questions fit the website- evade duplicate tag - sometimes answer for them is just 'yes'

What to do when a question just wants a yes/no answer. In the case of this question of mine, the answer was a 'yes' or a 'no - and here's why'. In the case of questions with the proof verification ...
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Should I answer my own question if no one else has and I know it's correct?

I posted 2 questions a week ago: 1) 2) https://math.stackexchange....
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What is best tag for "spot the mistake" questions?

Occasionally we get a question of the form: "Look at this derivation/computation. Clearly, the result is wrong. Where is the mistake?" It is slightly different from typical solution-verification ...
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On topic to put out my solutions of self study questions and ask for confirmation?

I am mostly self tutoring myself on the math behind fluid dynamics using an advanced textbook. So the book has several problems. Is it OK to post the problem solution as I do it and ask for ...
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Regarding the questions where it is asked whether the proofs given by the user is correct or not

I have seen instances of people asking whether their proofs are correct or not. In such cases, the answers are often given in the comments section because the actual proof of the question has not been ...
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'Is my approach right' questions

I occasionally come across questions (such as this one: Prove that the $\sigma$ - algebras are equal) in which the person asking the question has already answered their question and wants to know ...
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Is it allowed to ask two close questions to proof verification in MSE with different solutions?

I asked a question before, but I failed the solution I made. Then I made an almost completely different attempt to eliminate all errors. I re-posted the question, since editing the old question will ...
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