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For questions related to the sort orderings of questions, answers, and other lists on SE sites.

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Sorting answers by last modified date gives peculiar results

I was looking at this question on Maths Meta. There are four answers and I have them sorted by Date Modified (Newest First). Listed below are the created and last modified dates of the four answers in ...
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How to deal with question answered only in comments, when wanting to help clean up "unanswered questions"? [duplicate]

This is a common trend that I saw while trying to find questions suitable for me to answer. The filter and sorting problem of the questions was more or less solved for me by my previous question. But ...
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Answers no longer ordered by votes

For some reason when I read answers now they are ordered by time of submission rather than by votes (which was my default setting until recently, apparently). How do I return to the ordering by votes?
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There should be an option to see Community Wiki questions/answers in your profile.

There should be a sorting option for 'Community Wiki' questions/answers in your profile. This would be helpful, since you don't get notified by the upvotes you get for them.
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Sorting the unanswered questions by date, not by votes

Is there some way to do that? I mean, of course the most voted unanswered questions are quite interesting, but I would like to see the most recent unanswered questions instead.
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How to sort new questions by votes

Suppose I want to sort questions by votes asked in the last 3 days. Can this be done? It is already great that users can view questions based on "newest" and "votes" options, but I am wondering ...
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Labeling the answers by numbers

I am kindly asking: Can it be manageable by the Masters of the site to label the answers coming for a problem by a number showing that which answer is came earlier and which one is later. However, ...
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'Newest' sort order for answers is gone?

MO has a 'newest' sort order, dual to 'oldest' and different from 'active'. M.SE used to have it too, I think, but it is now gone? Why?
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