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Use this tag for questions on Meta that relate to a specific answer on MSE. Do not use if your intention is to discuss/ask about a general issue, and you merely use some posts as examples.

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How could such a rhetorical answer get so many up votes? [closed]

Now I don't mean to be jealous or anything, but this question seems like it should be a comment. You can find the question here: Why is a rectangle a parallelogram, but a parallelogram is not a ...
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Defacement/Censorship of peoples answers

yesterday the following edit was made which deletes content from an (very old) answer. Taking liberty to edit and perform such censorship/deletion ...
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16 votes
4 answers

Why is this answer “spam or offensive”?

This reply to Is zero odd or even? was deleted (several years ago) by the Community user, which replaced the content with the remark: This answer was marked as spam or offensive and is therefore ...
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User who posts a good answer then deletes his/her account

I just saw an example of user who posts a good answer, then deletes his/her account: Here is an other example. Do you know why? Is it a user who creates an account and delete it? Or a guest? In the ...
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Why did this answer get an upvote?

On this question: What set is this?, a user posted a clearly incorrect answer. It almost immediately got an upvote even though I posted a comment very quickly proving that it was wrong. It seems ...
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2 answers

Why is this not a comment, but an answer?

This answer here: I flagged it as 'not an answer', as it ought to be a comment, but the flag was declined disputed. I believe there were a few delete ...
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Was My MathSE answer appropriate

This meta-query focuses on my (user2661923) answer to the following link, Solving $3\cos x+4\sin x = \frac52$, as well as the subsequent comment that my answer triggered. I encountered a mathSE query ...
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Why was my answer deleted by a moderator?

My answer to Fitting a closed curve on the roots of ${x \choose k}-c$ was short but I do not see why it was deleted by a moderator. In fact, I think it correctly answers the question, though I would ...
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Is there any obvious reason why my very old answer was downvoted?

I have an answer here from 4.5 years ago that just got downvoted. Not a work of genius I admit, but workmanlike I'd say. I didn't directly answer the questioner but rather, in the spirit of the site ...
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Reason for downvoting the answer.

This question is in accordance with the question that I answered yesterday. It was downvoted three times without any comment (even the pop-up displayed instructs to do so) of the users that what was ...
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Reason for Downvotes

I have an answer here: It just got an unexpected downvote but no one ever left a comment on why the downvote was casted, a comment was there but was ...
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My answer was turned into a comment

In the question “It looks straightforward, but actually it isn't” I gave an answer which was turned into this comment. I understand that there are a couple of reasons to turn my answer into a ...
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