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Spoilers are text which is hidden until you move cursor above it. It might be useful when for separating full solution from a hint.

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Why did this spoiler syntax not work

I wanted to write the following as a spoiler, in an answer, but the syntax >! did not work. ! Essentially, $\log_5(6/5) = \log_5(6) - \log_5(5) = a/b -1$ since $\log_56=\dfrac{\log_4 6}{\log_4 5}...
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Is possible to use a spoiler for a list in a question of a proof?

I would like to use a spoiler in this post of the the proof of the point $1$-$3$ but unfortunately I was not able: so is it possible use a spoiler?
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How To Hide An Array on MathSE

I constructed a (long) self-answer, that I subsequently discarded, since I found that the question + answer was a duplicate. I intended to have the answer hidden. I had trouble converting the ...
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Is it okay to answer using a spoiler block?

Is it okay to answer a question in a spoiler block? I am curious since almost no answers use it.
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Formatting bug on main site and probably all MathJax enabled sites.

The bug is about the >! spoiler maker. Consider these screenshots (Click to maximise): Here is the code to recreate the bug: ...
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Gray or yellow background for questions and answers using > and >!

Many times I have asked myself why there is no longer a grey or other colour background as there was a few months ago using the > command. Using a smartphone you ...
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Formatting problem with "invisible" comments

I posted an answer and tried to make some of my hints invisible (but visible when you mouse-over them). Formatting didn't quite work, and I split the comment into three lines making only the first and ...
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How to leave lines in between `>!`?

I'll get directly into the question. When I do something like: >! (Some text) >! >! (Some other text) It appears as: How would I get these to ...
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Is it possible to spoiler multi-line mathjax?

I can't work out how to do it. This: >! $$a=b$$ >! $$b=c$$ >! $$c=d$$ Produces this: Whereas this: ...
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Spoiler and List problem

Is is possible to make a spoiler space with a numbererd list inside? ! Here is what I have tried: ! 1. The first. ! 2. The second. or or ! Here is what I have tried: 1. The first. 2....
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Links in spoilers aren't hidden

An answer today caught my attention: Here's an image of what I see with Safari 10.0.3 (with Firefox 52.0 it's the same): The link in the spoiler is not ...
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Multiline hidden text with align environment [duplicate]

Is there a way to use >! for hidden lines with the \begin{align*} ... \end{align*} environment? I can't seem to get it to ...
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Spoiler-markup broken for multilined display math? [duplicate]

A brief search didn't turn out a dupe, but recently I have found that the spoiler-markup >! doesn't work well with multilined MathJax, especially displaystyle: <...
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Inconsistent preview and output of maths in spoiler blocks

I was writing an answer to a question on the main site, and using spoiler blocks as part of the answer. Several of the spoiler blocks include MathJaX with $$ and ...
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MathJax Color fights Hidden Text and Wins!

It appears that using MathJax color in a hidden text block "pokes through" the hidden environment. I don't believe this is desired behavior, so I'm reporting as a bug.
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Problem with formatting two hidden grey boxes, one after the other

In this answer, I used two hidden grey boxes, one after the other. However, I had some trouble getting them to format probably. If you write ...
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how to post invisible solutions?

Please check out: In order to not totally give away the answer to the reader, the responses are invisible, unless your mouse hovers over them. In general ...
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Hierarchical spoilers

When giving hints to a problem, sometimes it's beneficial to use the spoiler markers >!, however if the reasoning is longer and split into more than one hint, ...
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A step-by-step unhiding "tutorial mode" for equations

One very nice MathJax example shows means to only show parts of a formula (e.g. as hints) and unveil them one by one (see $\ref{screenshot}$ below). I think a similar feature (not restricted to ...
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"Big" TeX won't get hidden by `!>`?

I just posted an answer here but I am finding it impossible for >! to work with the \begin{align} environment. How can this ...
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Multiline hidden text

For some questions, you think the user might learn more if you don't let them read the entire proof right away. So you use But I never managed to get a multiline one. Just like the quote block, it ...
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How to put math equations in a "spoiler" block?

I wanted to do something like >! \begin{align} >! x &= 42 >! \end{align} (Unfortunately even this code block is badly formated! Why is it ...
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How Hints in this question are understood?

In Your favourite maths puzzles there are hints stated in a different format.for example, Hint: GUVF VF RDHVINYRAG GB GUR ENGVBANY PNFR Are these meaningful ? Then how to understand them?
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Regarding spoiler text

I think spoilers should be used only when asked for by the OP, etc and not too freely. I usually take a printout of answers that I find useful, or too dense. Printouts have spoilers as blank text ...
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Re: Spoiler space?

In this question here the OP asks for hints for a problem rather than a full proof. Proof of subfactorial formula $!n = n!- \sum_{i=1}^{n} {{n} \choose {i}} \quad!(n-i)$ Now, while I would like to ...
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It is possible/make sense to add a mark to hide part of text?

In mathematics (and in other sciences), often there is no unique answer, the same problem can be resolved by different approaches, and often one can learn something from each one. So in order to ...
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