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Questions tagged [status-bydesign]

Indicates that the reported behavior is intentional and not subject to change

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Undeleting a deletion by an ex-moderator

I found that I could vote to undelete this answer, deleted by Willie Wong, on 23rd of February 2012. According to his Sheriff badge, he was a moderator at the time, though obviously he is not any more....
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A missing question in the list of recently deleted questions

I saw a topology question 15 minutes ago, and I had seen it somewhere else... In fact, the question asker self-deleted her own question and re-posted it. I would like to retrieve the URL of the self-...
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MathJax no longer respects `\newcommand` definitions from questions in other posts

In a question of mine I used e.g. $\newcommand{curl}{\operatorname{curl}}$ to define $\curl$ being rendered as $\newcommand{curl}...
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math exchange switches me to wrong link

When I click on "complete list of questions" I am sent to "unanswered questions". I did once click on "unanswered questions", and it seems to have upset something in the links
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About the Ordering of Answers

I found this question "A question about hyperbolic functions", where the OP accepted his own answer with no upvotes (so far). The strange thing is that the accepted answer doesn't show up on top, no ...
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