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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Autofilters for Hot Network Questions

The SE software allows us to request certain regular expressions be automatically excluded from the Hot Network Questions. I was asked by the CMs to make this post on the meta, and include the list. ...
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Flagging for migration to Mathematica.SE and Computational Science.SE

I noticed we can flag posts for migration to physics.SE and stats.SE. Can you please add options for migration to Mathematica and Computational Science, too? (A.K.): The Mathematica site has ...
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Allow newline in comments

The comment length here is such that it corresponds to what normally is a long paragraph in usual written communications. In some situations, it is more natural to write two short paragraphs, or one ...
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Why is there no support for MathJax in chat?

The question Should chat have TeX support was first asked 3½ years ago, and it has been asked at intervals since then. I am not asking that question. I know that chat should have TeX support and ...
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Old usernames and names of deleted users in CW-mode

I noticed this several times already: In CW-questions e.g. here (active user) or answers e.g. here (deleted user) not the current (or anonymized) user name but rather the one that was active at the ...
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Change the link to search in modal window for the first-time askers

Since March 2020, a modal window with some basic information is shown to a user who is asking their first question, see here: The new ask page is now live on the network! This replaced the older /ask/...
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Marking an answer as favorite [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Favoriting an answer Is there a way to mark an answer as "favorite"? I am aware there is a way to mark questions as favorites by using the star on the left side of the ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Why can't we downvote comments?

Why can't we downvote comments?
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8 votes
2 answers

Mathjax/markdown issue

I tried to leave the following comment, and had a problem: For any $a,b\in [0,x)$: $a\vee b$ exists. Namely, $a\vee b=max\{a,b\}$. You might be asking about when directed sets are complete? It ...
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Mark all locked questions as [​locked​] or [​closed​] in the title

Some discussions, such as the one on annoyingness-of-CAPTCHA, are being locked without this being indicated in the titles. Closed threads seem to acquire the word "[closed]" automatically or by ...
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Signature of comment on a new line

This is a report about a problem which occurred in the comments to Double Integrals. user6312's comment contained some latex code. I guess he forgot to type a single $ sign with the effect that ...
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Firefox 4 and MathJax \not

I'm currently using Firefox 4.0 on OS X, with STIX fonts installed, and for some reason MathJax (in HTML-CSS mode) is not rendering the \not symbol at all, i.e. for me $a \not = b$ looks like $a = b$ ...
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Problem with unpaired [] in math mode in comments [duplicate]

The following text is typeset correctly in a post, but it seems to be broken when posted in a comment. (Markdown somehow interprets left [ as beginning of a hyperlink). ...
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Is it possible to reduce the need of 20 rep for chat? I need it for making a chat for my classmates.

I'm trying to create a chat room with LaTeX for my classmates, It is here. Is it possible to reduce the need for 20rep for them? They speak only portuguese and won't be able to make a question. But I ...
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