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Indicates that a change in functionality is currently under consideration, or needs further investigation.

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Should the tag "generalization" be blacklisted?

The generalization tag contains no real mathematical content and does not help to organize the site in any meaningful way. Despite that, the tag has been recreated and deleted multiple times. It has ...
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Text in “Closed“ box goes beyond right boundary (on mobile devices)

On mobile devices, the text in a “Closed” box may extend beyond the right boundary of the box. Up to now, I observed this only on the Mathematics Meta site, and only for questions which are closed ...
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12 votes
1 answer

MathJax out of date

It seems we are using MathJax version 2.7.5 That is apparently 4 years out of date. Can update the MathJax it uses? Or do we have to wait for the whole SE system to do it?
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Displays on main question page [duplicate]

The latest changes have certainly messed up MathJax displays on the main question page!!
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MathJax overlaps the text

Here's what my All actions | Comments page looks like on Windows 10 with Firefox (default 100% magnification in Firefox and a custom scale factor in Windows settings): $\sum_{k \geq 0}$ in the first ...
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7 votes
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Is the font difference of 'history' of the answers of a nominated user for the election different from 'link' and 'flag' intentional?

Maybe the impact of this is not significant, but here is the image (I used MS Edge, 200% for the image): I inspected the elements, and both link and ...
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Some titles containing MathJax are shown incorrectly in review queues

I have noticed, several times already, that some titles containing MathJax are rendered incorrectly in review queues, i.e. across multiple rows. I can't remember for sure, but I expect this to also ...
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Privilege page on reduced ads doesn't show on this site, even though there are now advertisements

This site has had advertisements enabled for some time now, as the team has been expanding those to non-technology-related sites, of which this site happens to be the largest. On such sites, users ...
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Title of linked question messed up when it includes MathJax

I've just flagged a question as duplicate ( it was already deleted) and the link to the original one appears broken - not the link itself but the title: If this helps, the source of the title of the ...
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