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Questions tagged [timestamps]

For questions about timestamps that appear in notices and tooltips upon hovering those notices.

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time stamp puzzle

At 9:27 AM (EDT) this question Is there another way to solve this problem? appears on the page as having been asked 6 minutes ago. The question itself is ...
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1 answer

Exact time when one makes an answer.

I have done an answer in this question, but I wanted to see the exact hour I sent the answer, not 3 hours ago. I know that I can do it in the comments, but how can I do that in answers?
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1 answer

Difference between active time and actual time it was active.

This question was protected at February 25, 06:27:54, but the active time (i.e. the time that you see when you hover over the date shown next to active, below the views), says that the question was ...
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Why is time of the last activity not shown in some questions?

I have noticed that in this question on the right the time of the last activity is not shown. (Usually you have there 3 entries: asked, viewed - with number of views, active.) When you view recently ...
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1 answer

Date mismatch of question and edit-of-question

Just came across an older answer of mine and was surprised, that the "asked" date of the question was something in 2013, while my "edited" was of 2011. Strange reversion of causality ... Here ...
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7 votes
1 answer

A day in the bug (?)

This question was asked on July 14, 2011. But Jesse Madnick's answer has a timestamp showing that he answered on May 15, 2011. How? Is it happening just for me?
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incorrect time display

Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot for this and I don't know how to reproduce it. Right after I'd posted this answer, I saw it display "answered 3 mins ago". It didn't feel at all as if that ...
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Wrong timing for comment editing blocking?

I just wanted to edit a comment of mine that was shown as "3 min ago". When I hit the button to commit the edit, I was told that editing is only possible for 5 minutes. OK, so I took too long to edit? ...
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