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The black bar across the top of every Stack Exchange site

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User removed or users removed?

I noticed that my reputation dropped, and I went to check the topbar. Indeed, there were two user removed notices. However, when I went to the reputation page on my profile, lo and behold, only one "...
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Top-bar achievements dialog is showing twice the real rep. points I've earned for one of my answers

Currently I have earned $78$ rep. points for Prove no real number satisfies $x^{2} = -1$, but the top-bar dialog (And only there) shows $+156$, and It's used for 'Today' total as well. It was $x \cdot ...
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Display reputation decreases in the top-bar indicator

Generally, a reputation increase is indicated by a green indicator. Can there be an indicator for reputation decrease as well? This is because sometimes we don't know, when suddenly our reputation ...
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Grey score since a few days

Since a few days my score has become grey (picture below). It has always been white. Is it just the website that has changed? Has anybody had the same 'problem'?
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The suggested-edits flag icon should reflect what my client knows for sure.

The server accepts review submission input and is assumed (known?) to then act in a valid manner, and to communicate to the client in the HTTP response whether everything went right. However, the ...
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Can notification bar be made "always on-screen"

This is a feature request regarding the top notification bar (The one which shows the reputation, comment notifications, reputation updates). It is nothing major, I was wondering if it was possible ...
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