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For questions about the usage of Unicode in posts.

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Is there a chart corresponding every [Math.SE] LaTeX code to its Unicode character counterpart?

For example, between dollar-signs “\in” displays "$\in$" which is the inline representation of the ‘element-of’ symbol '∈' (which displays equivalently entered instead of its LaTex ASCII ...
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Why do some users citing compatibility issues when deprecating the use of Unicode characters?

I have encountered for several times that some users have complained to me the use of Unicode characters (of normal series and normal shape, i.e. not bold nor italic) such ...
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θ vs. $\theta$ - What is preferred? Unicode or MathJax?

In the edit queue, I've seen some improvements of non-MathJax code into MathJax. However, some Unicode characters were untouched and they were actually displaying fine. Are there downsides in using $\...
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Would HTML/Unicode formatting cause troubles?

Although, as of now, this comment collected 17 upvotes, I still hope that the thought was expressed not precisely enough. (Mis)typesetting like      b^2 - a^2 = (b+a)x(b-a) can induce vomit, many ...
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Markdown doesn't recognize URLs with non-ascii characters

I tried to link to the Wikipedia article on Möbius transformations, atöbius_transformation, using the markdown ...
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Editing formulas with Unicode symbols

Should the questions with Unicode symbols in formulas be edited? I'm asking this based on this question. Look in the source code to see what I mean.
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