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Stack exchange goes to different question than in URL

When I type in into safari/chrome, checking its suggestions did not replace the URL, stack exchange goes instead to Can you recommend a decent online or ...
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Are `` and `` the same website?

Are and the same website? The order in which the words "math" and "meta" are swapped. math meta meta math
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Markdown doesn't recognize URLs with non-ascii characters

I tried to link to the Wikipedia article on Möbius transformations, atöbius_transformation, using the markdown ...
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Please point to here, instead of to MathOverflow.

You could say I'm partially (or entirely?) to blame for this for not having done enough research beforehand. However... A while back I wondered if there were a math-related site on the StackExchange ...
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Any chance of

Maybe this seems like a peculiar thing to ask, but out of curiosity, is it possible to link the URL to the current ...
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