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About putting a -passed away- notice on some user’s profiles, but having prior approval from the close relatives

When a person passes away, usually a notice indicating this, is added on their profiles, or names (papers, etc). For such users on the site, can the notice be implemented too? but having the prior ...
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List of earned bounties shows the state of question, not the answer.

In the profile page, when you check the list of earned bounties, as usual it shows the titles of the questions (like in 'answers' tab). Nevertheless, it shows the score of the questions, not the ...
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Community user new profile photo.

Browsing the forum brought me to a post where I saw the “robot” community user had edited. At first, I thought this user was someone with another name until I saw their original sprite: As you can see,...
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Why have all the tags and tag-badges been removed from the user's profile page? [duplicate]

Today, I saw my profile page on stackexchange community showing that 'You have not participated in any tags'. I don't know why my tags and the tag badges have been removed from my profile pages on the ...
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Why don't my gold badges show up in my profile?

In my Badges list, I have 1 gold badge (Famous Question). In the "select your next badge" popup it said I have earned only one gold badge (Electorate), and the Famous Question badge doesn't ...
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Trouble displaying profile pictures

For a few days I am noticing that the profile picture of many users is not displayed correctly. I see alot. Yesterday I had terrible internet connection, so I thought it was me. But it is still there....
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Reputation numbers and the meaning of some items in my control panel.

[I know I can't control anything in that panel but I had to choose a name for it.] When I enter I can see a page (I'll call it p1) with a bar on the top containing, on the right ...
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Why I am failing to complete "about me" section?

I am trying to update my profile section to get the 'Autobiographer' badge. I uploaded photo (less than 2 mb) and completed the about me section too. But when I click 'save profile' option, the ...
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Expectation tag error

Background In Expectation means average?, I proposed to synonymize expectation and expected-values. A moderator has done this. Problem When I view my tag scores in my profile and clicked on ...
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Which is my identicon?

I’m confused about my identicon. When I’m using iOS app, it’s a green one; however, on the website I get a blue purple one.....Could anyone tell me why? Thanks! PS: I now can see I have that blue ...
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View sign-in history

A few days ago I recall finding a visual calendar of my sign-in history on Math Stack Exchange. It looked like an ordinary monthly calendar, where the days were white if I hadn't signed in, and green ...
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Recent influx of new users with female "glamour" pics for profile

EDIT: As of August $22$nd, the number of upvotes for the leading two proposals are precisely tied. The OP was roughly a month ago, so I think this question deserves an answer. To that end, since my ...
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Editing profile...

I have edited my profile some 20 days ago. But I don't see any option for editing my profile. Can I not edit my profile nowafter? Do I have to wait for some more days?
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What to do about inappropriate language in user profiles? [duplicate]

Let's say we have user, call him "Trumpster2016". He asks questions, gives answers, perfectly correct and using appropriate language. But his user profile picture is a Nazi swastika and his profile ...
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Problem in merging two stack-exchange accounts

I have accidentally created two math-stack exchange accounts namely and . It was created ...
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How do I edit my bio?

Two years ago I wrote that I was a freshman, but I have moved on since then. However, on both the mobile app and the full website I seem to be unable to edit my bio. Is it possible, and if so, how?
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Question on "Top Network Post" section :

I am new to MSE. Can anyone tell me what is the "Top Network Post" section on the south-left corner my profile? Which items can I add there and how?
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Different numbers of votes cast are shown on the activity page and on the votes tab

This page says I have cast both 907 votes and 960 votes. Not that it matters, but why the difference?
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Two different reputations

In the above picture one can see that two different reputations are showing up in my profile one one the right side and another different on the graph. What is the error I can't understand. Please ...
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Account-edit: "changing picture" ("for all communities") changed(=overwrote) also all profile-descriptions

Thank you all - I've got nearly everything using the google cache. Current problem resolved. (But how can I prevent doing the same mess next time when I want to change my profile picture again?) Uhh, ...
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Rude comments embedded in user profiles

I have a problem with a particular user's profile, specifically this line: See what's going on with my answers. They take the hints and ideas from my answers and then they down vote and delete them....
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Username "Jihad"

I just realized that for about two months we have a member calling himself "Jihad". In his profile he defines himself as a "Russian muslim", [deleted a part]. I feel insulted and threatened [deleted a ...
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