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How to increase traffic to the site?

First, a congratulatory news: at some point today, Mathematics.StackExchange became the 3rd largest site on SE network, by the number of questions posted. This is the first time an SE 2.0 site overtook a member of the original trilogy.


But the 4th and 5th columns are low, especially the fifth one: traffic to the site. By that parameter we are merely $\mathbf{14}^{th}$ on the network, behind sites such as TeX.

Low traffic means few people read the content. Of the 155K questions on Math, only 2725 have 1000 views. Thus, we have fewer widely-read question/answers than other, smaller sites:

  • Android: 3526 questions with 1000+ views
  • English: 4749
  • MathOverflow: 5038
  • Programmers: 5192
  • TeX: 5827
  • Ask Different: 7032
  • Arqade: 12517

What can we do to make the content more widely read? Some ideas:

  1. Write descriptive titles to questions, and use some actual, Google-able words in questions and answers. It's not unusual to see titles and posts that are essentially MathJax with some prepositions, articles and punctuations. Such content isn't going to be found easily.

  2. Create canonical Q&A pairs; e.g., if you find yourself repeating the same argument in several answers, consider isolating it in a self-contained question with self-answer. (I admit not doing this myself, but I'll try to improve.)

  3. Finally get the blog started. This was discussed and many people volunteered to contribute. Is there any reason the blog doesn't exist yet?

If you have more or better ideas, please share them.