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What to do when a question is answered by a commentor

I frequently find myself asking a question, then having a hint given to me by a com-mentor that is sufficient to figure out the solution to question. Quite often i even discuss with the individual in the comments section and reach the point where i have understood the question.

frequently after this happens perhaps an hour or two later i get someone who posts an answer to the question that is simply a reiteration of the discussion i had with the com-mentor.

I feel somewhat obligated to accept the the answer. as well... it is in fact correct but my question was already answered and not by them... (i always upvote the comment)

I feel like there should be a button to say question is answered and remove it form the question unanswered que. I have thought about deleting the question when this happens but i often feel the question and discussion contributes to the site and would be helpful for others in my situation.

How should i deal with these situations?