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What are the reasons for organizing the October 2017 moderator election?

@arjafi has detailed the general reasons that require the organization of elections in SE communities. For your convenience, I shall copy them here:

On all Stack Exchange sites, elected moderators serve until
  1. they resign, or

  2. Stack Exchange decides that they are not worthy of the position (e.g., by violating the moderator agreement), or

  3. their inactivity level reaches some critical point (on most sites I believe simply logging in once every several months is enough, though Stack Overflow has much more stringent minimal required activity levels for moderators), or

  4. (and I am uncertain if this has ever come about on any Stack Exchange site) a moderator action review process results in a decision to remove them.

Which of these conditions (or any other condition not listed, if the above list is not exhaustive) have been met that triggered the organization of this election?