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Suggestion of a post serving for duplicate posts, see here for details. If needed, we can also discuss improvements in chat.

This thread is intended to help with closure of duplicates. It should serve for situations where a first attempt at duplicate closure was not successful. The creation of this thread was decided here.

Some basic rules:

  • Do not use this thread for other types of closures, it is only for duplicates.
  • Only use this thread if the usual means did not work. In particular, you should have cast already a vote or flag, the question already has been through the close votes review queue, and it was still not marked as duplicate.1
  • Keep in mind that very short answers are automatically turned into comments. So your post should probably contain at least some brief explanation in addition to links to the duplicates. (Maybe short discussion why they are duplicates, if it is not clear that they are indeed duplicates. Or a brief explanation which of the two posts is more suitable as the duplicate target.)
  • If it turns out that discussion grows long and that it is contentious whether the particular question is indeed a duplicate, the question might deserve a separate post on meta.

A more low-key way to draw attention to a possible duplicate is this chat room, which has been created for similar purposes. For example, if just one vote is missing you might consider posting there instead.

1 You can find review for a particular post using this SEDE query. If the close votes are less than week old, it is possible that they are not in the last data dump. A more laborious alternative is to look in close votes review history. Or, just wait 24 hours after your vote; then it is very likely the post has passed review.