The original message sent to you informing you of your latest suspension includes the information about the reason for the suspension.  I cannot make this public.  I do recommend that you re-read that original message, and contemplate your current course of action.


As to your question: having many posts flagged would not itself warrant a suspension.  Otherwise some rogue group of users could start flagging every post by, say, Brian M. Scott causing _him_ to be suspended.  Even having numerous flags on your posts judged to be "helpful" would not itself warrant a suspension.  Posts are occasionally flagged to become Community Wiki, for example, which, while helpful certainly shouldn't cause the owner of the flagged post to be suspended.  

But a history helpful flags indicating to the moderators consistent behaviour which is not tolerated  would give the moderators cause to look and see if a suspension is warranted.  Let me be clear

> **the _behaviour_ is the reason for the suspension, not the flags.**