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This tag is used for questions that ask users to discuss an idea, concept, or problem in an abstract way. A discussion question may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and is often subjective. On Meta, you do not need to use community-wiki mode for subjective topics unless you are asking a "poll" question.

7 votes

Answers to questions not asked in English

I'm not such an avid user of the site, but I must have read a few hundreds of questions, and I can't remember having seen a question any language but English. I think it's safe to assume that non-Engl …
  • 2,569
33 votes
2 answers

User insists in deleting his answered question

There are already a lot of questions here on Meta about users deleting their questions promptly after getting an answer. It happened to me twice this weekend. (I even thought they were the same user, …
  • 2,569
4 votes

Why shouldn't there be a bar called Hot Main Posts, just like Hot Meta Posts?

I think that the reason that "Hot Meta Posts" exists is that the Meta needs more attention than the main site (for obvious reasons). Since the main site gets much more visibility, there is no need for …
  • 2,569
3 votes

Do we want tag warnings, and for which tags?

projective-space (Mixing roughly the structure of arjafi's text for proof-theory and the tag excerpt for projective-space) If your question is about projections in linear algebra (for example, pr …
  • 2,569
6 votes

Why is it considered rude to use all capitals to ask/answer a question?

If you google for "internet etiquette", you will find that using all-caps is considered shouting, which means that you are trying to get more attention than others around you by being annoying. This, …
  • 2,569