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This tag is used for questions that ask users to discuss an idea, concept, or problem in an abstract way. A discussion question may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and is often subjective. On Meta, you do not need to use community-wiki mode for subjective topics unless you are asking a "poll" question.

I want to create a new tag EV-Method, but I want to know before, what Community thinks about it. This method is very useful for the proof of hard symmetric inequalities with $n$ variables. I think if …
answered Aug 7 '17 by Michael Rozenberg
I think these tags (uvw and sos) are useful for the forum. User, which looks for to learn these methods, can click these tags and see many examples, how he can prove inequalities by these methods. F …
answered Aug 6 '17 by Michael Rozenberg
I think we need to open the following Mike Lyons's answer: The smallest value of $x^2 + 5y^2 + 8z^2$ such that $yz+zx+xy=-1$ I think it's a beautiful and right answer. We need to redact it only. It …
answered Oct 4 '18 by Michael Rozenberg
Undeleted, deleted, undeleted, deleted, undeleted, reopened, closed, locked, unlocked, deleted, undeleted, locked (for historical significance). I think this question should be reopened. Thank yo …
answered Sep 8 '18 by Michael Rozenberg
Undeleted, deleted, undeleted, reopened, put on hold, deleted, undeleted again (the war goes on) Undelete please this topic: Minimum of $x^2+y^2$ for $\frac1x+\frac8y=1$ The topic starter solved …
answered Jun 21 by Michael Rozenberg