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For questions about MathJax, which is used to write mathematics on Stack Exchange sites.

(like MathJax btw). For this to work, its best to use fonts with OpenType MATH Tables; unfortunately, there are very few of those around but in this case there are obvious options: The Latin Modern …
answered Jul 13 '16 by Peter Krautzberger
The straight forward way is to look into the source code of the color extension where you'll find colors: { Apricot: "#FBB982", Aquamarine: "#00B5BE", Bittersweet: "#C04F17" …
answered Dec 31 '13 by Peter Krautzberger
Update 2015/03/30: CloudFlare reports that the issues have been resolved. Peter from the MathJax team here. Our CDN provider has been experiencing attacks on some of its DNS servers (see also this … thread on the MathJax User Group). This attack leads to erratic DNS resolution failures. We're sorry for the inconvenience this is causing users and we'll send out an update as soon as we get any news. …
answered Mar 24 '15 by Peter Krautzberger
release. Since we didn't want to force this on every user at math.SE, we're hoping that people will try it out "manually" by switching MathJax output themselves (see below for how to do that). There's … a small catch: the CommonHTML output currently only works with an updated version of our default MathJax "TeX" fonts. That's usually not a problem as most users get the fonts as webfonts. But if you …
answered Sep 24 '15 by Peter Krautzberger
To copy this from my earlier comment. Generally speaking, this can be done. However, it's only possible by changing the MathJax configuration (cf. TagSide in the TeX input processor options). This means, the change has to occur on the page/site level. …
answered Apr 6 '18 by Peter Krautzberger
This is expected behavior, see the MathJax documentation on character fallbacks. The default (CM-derived) fonts do not have the necessary glyphs and MathJax's falback chain prefers available glyphs over system fonts (so that it has glyph metrics for its layout). …
answered Aug 17 '18 by Peter Krautzberger
Disclaimer: I'm part of the MathJax team. Also, this got a bit long. tl;dr Try out NVDA with MathPlayer 4 on Firefox here on math.SE JAWS 13 is a bit old (2011) and the situation of screenreaders … also open source which is great). MathJax converts its input into MathML internally and then converts that to HTML or SVG so that it renders well visually. This is a problem for accessibility since …
answered Nov 18 '15 by Peter Krautzberger
[I believe this needs to be transferred to meta.stackexchange.com]. There are two separate MathJax problems and possibly one app problem here the overlapping equation labeling. This is a bug in … MathJax which we thought we had fixed in v2.5 -- sorry about that. the line-breaking/overflow issues. Linebreaking is a difficult problem and largely relies on the quality of the underlying markup (e.g …
answered May 11 '15 by Peter Krautzberger