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For questions about the /review path where users can view and act on posts by other users that the system thinks may need attention.

The best way to deal with this is to mentally remove this statement from the question. If the "modified" version merits a certain kind of vote, then cast it. (By certain, I mean delete/close/up/down/ …
answered May 30 by Asaf Karagila
It is possible that the question was flagged by a $<3,000$ user that it is off-topic. Such flags end up in the queue despite not having actual closing votes. Generally speaking the closing votes may …
answered Dec 28 '12 by Asaf Karagila
I just wanted to remark on something which happens more and more often since the new review system was deployed. Some poor guy posts a non-answer, which gets into the review queue. Then people … review it and feel compelled to leave a comment, and this guy that just wanted to say "thank you" but didn't know about commenting, gets a stream of comments telling him (or her) not to do that. Moreover …
asked Jan 19 '13 by Asaf Karagila
Sometimes I follow up on reviews that I made, or reviews on flags that I raised. Often I see the posts ended up deleted, which is good (since it means that I'm not the only one who thought the post wa …
asked Aug 1 '15 by Asaf Karagila
I was roaming around the site, and I ran into an answer which had a substantial negative score. Apparently the answer was deleted before through a review queue. In fact, it was a unanimous vote to … delete by all the reviewers. And then the user just... undeleted it. That doesn't seem like something that should be possible. I mean, what's the point of recommending to delete something if the user can just undelete it and it's off the review queue again? …
asked Jun 8 '14 by Asaf Karagila
I noticed two answers that arguably should have been deleted from the review queue (Exhibits A and B; see also Exhibit C given by dustin in the comments, and there are probably many others as well … , it's a separate question). Could it be possible to accommodate this by having a "score" assigned in the review process, and not a "race" between the two type of votes? So if two users vote to …
asked Mar 6 '15 by Asaf Karagila
It's no secret that a lot of the people out there don't know enough LaTeX. Maybe they were never exposed to it, or maybe they are just unaware of the fact you can use MathJax on the site. So sometime …
asked Jul 23 '15 by Asaf Karagila
Yes. Apparently. Note that the user is unregistered, and that the post itself is from a year and a half ago. Maybe it's time you learn about the true nature of the internet.
answered May 12 '14 by Asaf Karagila
. The changes themselves were not always significant. Since the review page does not tell you whether another user has reviewed and approved/rejected this, and most people would usually approve a …
asked Nov 21 '12 by Asaf Karagila
automatically to the review queue. To overcome this problem, you can also post a request on Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes, etc. (volume 01/2015 - ) [current version] explaining why you think that your question should be reopened. …
answered Apr 5 '16 by Asaf Karagila
The review queue shows only things that you can act. Since you already voted to reopen, you won't see it. If you have 10k points you can access the global review history, and see if others have … acted on this reopening request or not. You can use this link to see what's going on: …
answered Oct 15 '14 by Asaf Karagila
It seems to have been corrected more or less. It shows 30 reviews now, and through private browsing window it adds up to 25 reviews. I don't know if it's because I did a few reviews, or if something …
answered Apr 9 '15 by Asaf Karagila
Yes. You should always review edits to your posts, even after they have been approved or declined. You are the author of the post, and you should take a look and decide whether or not someone is … commented that it shouldn't have been rejected, I don't know). The point is that you should always review edits to things your name is signed on. Even if you have no say on the edit. But in this case you …
answered Apr 1 '14 by Asaf Karagila
I would like to make a feature request for the suggest edits review page. The review page should show that last date of activity of the entire thread, not just the post which is being edited. The …
asked Nov 22 '12 by Asaf Karagila
On several occasions, I have noticed that when I raise Low Quality or Not an Answer flag, the flags get cleared up without the post deleted, or without the review going through the general process of … having many people actually review it. Sometimes, I can figure it out. LQ flags are cleared if the post is edited, or at least edited from the review queue, even if not deleted. But sometimes, I am …
asked Dec 12 '17 by Asaf Karagila

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