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Flagging is the process of bringing a question, answer or comment to a community moderator's attention for any reason.

There is no stock decline reason like this, so a moderator typed this as the decline reason. In the general case, for a question to be migrated it should be actually off-topic on this site. It is per …
answered Mar 2 '13 by Mad Scientist
As a general guideline, I would flag each post only once. But I would flag an answer and a question separately and not in a combined flag. The flag should be attached to the post it applies to, else i …
answered Mar 10 '13 by Mad Scientist
I'll answer this from a bit of an outside perspective. I'm a moderator on Skeptics where this issue was a significant concern. The topics on that site often evoke very strong reactions and it is not u …
answered Jun 11 '13 by Mad Scientist
Disputed flags also don't hurt you at all, there are no consequences to having your flags being disputed. There is no penalty at all for disputed flags. While I think the current behaviour regarding …
answered Nov 25 '13 by Mad Scientist
. This might affect also the attitude towards which posts should be flagged. In general, I find the most useful way to think about flagging is to think about what you want to happen to the post you …
answered Mar 5 '13 by Mad Scientist
There are a few reasons why flag handling might take a bit longer: No moderator is online currently. This is a rather big factor on sites with fewer mods and with a heavy timezone bias. Moderators d …
answered Nov 3 '13 by Mad Scientist
The first important point is that it doesn't matter whether an automatic community flag is declared valid or not. It is cast by a bot which is completely unaffected by flag weight, it makes absolutely …
answered Apr 14 '12 by Mad Scientist
There are some heuristics that change the number of flags needed for deletion of a comment, I remember comments about the accept rate to be one category that is easier to delete. I can't find the orig …
answered Aug 17 '11 by Mad Scientist
There's no need to close such questions, while having the OP accept an answer is nice, it is not necessary. If any answer has a score of +1 or higher, the system considers it answered, so it won't e.g …
answered Jun 12 '12 by Mad Scientist
Disputed just means that one 10k+ user disagreed, nothing more. It does not matter how many other users or moderators agreed with your flag, if one user disputes it it will end up as disputed in the e …
answered Aug 29 '13 by Mad Scientist
There is no way to see that, even moderators can't see a list of comments that were flagged by a specific users.
answered Jun 12 '13 by Mad Scientist
Those flags you see are from other users, but you only see those flags that use one of the standard flagging reasons. Flags for moderator attention with free-form text are still only shown to … moderators, and moderators can also see who is flagging for most flags. The idea behind showing those flags to high-rep users is that they can help out with some of the moderation. If you agree with a flag …
answered Oct 28 '11 by Mad Scientist
get multiple flags of the same kind declined, either you're flagging wrong or the moderator is wrongly declining them. So if you think that your flags are declined for the wrong reason, make a meta …
answered Jan 7 '15 by Mad Scientist
You're supposed to use your close votes, flagging as "does not belong here" is not meant as an alternative to voting to close. Flagging as "does not belong here" is meant for clear cases that need … quick intervention or questions with limited visibility that aren't viewed by enough people to get the 5 votes. In both cases you should vote to close anyway before flagging. To enforce that, the …
answered Apr 24 '11 by Mad Scientist
of flags. My fear would be that voters attach more meaning to small differences there than warranted. The voters can't see the full flag record, and I don't think the number of declined flags alone gives a good impression of the flagging quality of a specific user. …
answered May 18 '13 by Mad Scientist

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