No. There are lists (on the meta and the main, separately) which you can access if you have 10k points or more, through review and then clicking tools and choosing the appropriate tab. These lists, however, do not include everything, they are limited in both time range and length. The lists go only as far as 30 days the most. On the main site, however, due ...


There are two ways how the community can delete answers (well, actually, it can also via spam flags etc. but this is orthogonal): Users with 20k+ can vote to delete an answer (provided its score is negative). This can be done on the answer directly using the link below it. Three such votes will delete the answer. Technically, this is very similar to voting ...


Starting earlier today, we now treat formulas as single units when it comes to comparing them between revisions. The inline and side-by-side views show rendered formulas, and the "side-by-side markdown" view can be used to view the actual notation changes. Inline: Side-by-side: Side-by-side markdown:


Assuming that you have not used up your daily delete-vote allowance, it may not be a criteria that you as a user have to meet, but a criteria that the post has to meet. Here are some restrictions for applying delete votes. Users with between 10,000 and 19,999 reputation can only vote to delete closed/on-hold questions which have been closed/on-hold for at ...


The indicator for pending reviews is only shown when the queues are above a certain length. I do not know the exact value off-hand for this site (it differs per site), but it should be around ten, and at the very moment there are only three review tasks so we are below that threshold and thus it is not shown. You can still access the queues by clicking the ...


It seems to have been corrected more or less. It shows 30 reviews now, and through private browsing window it adds up to 25 reviews. I don't know if it's because I did a few reviews, or if something else happened. Probably the latter.


Yes, you can edit deleted posts; this MSE answer describes the situations in which a user is able to edit a deleted post (basically if the user can see the deleted post, and the post is not a question which the user was the author of and self-deleted, then the user can edit it).

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible