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Integral or Series Closed Form Inquiry

A key part of our mission on this site is to build an archive of knowledge that will be useful to others. So, if you ask us to compute an integral of some very specific function, that doesn't sound ...
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Mathematical Challenges Question

There is no rule either way. Of course, the question needs to abide by all the site's quality standards, just as any other question must. I find it hard to predict how such questions will be received....
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Closed Question Despite 8 Upvotes and Detailed Attempts – Seeking Clarification

The very first comment asked "What exactly is your question?". It got 9 upvotes - that's a lot. And as I glance over it now, it's still not clear what you're asking. And now with this ...
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Should I split my two-part question into two?

I often give the advice on multiple part problem Questions that there needs to be a clear relationship among the parts such that a solution or progress on one will likely benefit a solution on some of ...
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