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Does the Stack Exchange Android app have all the features of the website?

No. SE mobile app doesn't have many features that the mobile/desktop web already has. Personally (though many have voiced the same opinion), the only useful thing is its push notification. You can ...
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Delete own question or answer via mobile app

This is an issue that concerns the entire network. The relevant feature request exists since a long time on the main meta Allow us to vote to delete from the Android app It is alright to have it ...
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6 votes

Why can't we delete our own post on the phone app (Android)?

There is no intrinsic reasons why this is not possible; the app is just incomplete in this regard. I am not sure if intentionally or not, in any case it is known to the people in charge, yet as far ...
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5 votes

Why isn't there a Math Stack Exchange app?

You can still download the official Stack Exchange iOS app from the App Store, but it's not clear for how long. There used to be an official Android app as well. However, the company stopped working ...
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Mobile phone Latex/MathJax not showing in..

These should be visible when viewing the site in a browser. If you mean using the mobile app, note that the mobile apps are no longer supported. However, you can tap on a comment and select an option ...
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1 vote

MathJax issue while using SE from phone

Just in case anyone finds the same issue, here's what worked for me: Select full-site version from your mobile and then Disable Responsiveness. It might not look that great afterwards, but it works.
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How to log in with another account?

I had exactly the same problem. What I did to solve it is to turn off Google smartlock on my android Phone and start the app over.
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"Math Processing Error" in the Android app

This appears to have been fixed. I can't reproduce with the above questions.
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