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It was okay. However, now you have to enter at least 30 characters. So, no!


While I understand your frustrations toward difficult notations and more advanced explanations than those which you are used too, it's all part of learning math. Mathematicians develop definitions, notations, and ways of writing that may seem alien and unintuitive at first, but you'll see that once you get into it those notations and definitions make sense ...


Quite often, the OP will have come up with a proof of a result and needs to be assured of its correctness. The corresponding question is “Is my proof correct?”. If it is so, then the logically appropriate answer is simply yes. The reason that no further justification is needed in the answer is that the OP has already provided the justification, in the proof,...


As mentioned in another answer, you can get link to specific answer by clicking on "share" just below the answer. Here is a link to a post on Meta Stack Exchange, which also shows some screenshots: How can I link to a specific answer? Still, it might be useful to add some more details. (Some of the points explained below apply to links to questions as well.)...

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