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It depends on the precise context, but generally I would say it is alright if and only if: You make a reasonable effort to present your questions according to our guidelines. See How to ask a good question. In particular, explain the context of the question and possibly your own thoughts about it. Do not simply repost the question "as is"; this would be ...


There seems to be an inherent tension between, on one hand, providing an ask-question wizard that will actually help homework askers with asking their question in a good way, and on the other hand not giving the impression that homework help is what MSE is for. The really good questions that we always want and need more are not about homework. They would be ...


See How to Ask a Good Question. In particular, the first bullet-point: Provide context, include the source and motivation for your question, and avoid "no-clue" questions. I think if you do that, then we will know what your level is, and be able to answer accordingly.

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