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Deletion of question

See here: The system will automatically delete closed, unlocked, and non-migrated questions that have zero or negative score, have no positively scored or accepted answers or pending reopen votes, ...
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Comment disappeared

Yes, comments are often removed by moderators without notice, often in response to a flag on the comment by some user. Indeed, this is one of the main activities of moderators. Many of these removal ...
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The use of the phrase "RemoveAbandonedClosed" in deleted questions

You can find the details here: Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year? The gist is that a question closed for 9 days, with a non-positive score, no positively ...
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Advance knowledge of community deletions?

I think that it is relatively safe to assume that the tasks which run daily are scheduled on the same time. (Similarly, scripts which run once a week/once a month are most likely scheduled on the same ...
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Downvote / Close / Delete

Deleted questions are only about a fifth of all questions (about the same is true for posts, and also when restricted to, say, calculus and last year). Thus, performance and resources are presumably ...
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