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What happened to my question on discrete valuation rings?

The question was automatically deleted by the Community♦ bot: Apr 11 at 0:16 history deleted Community♦ Scheduled: RemoveDeadQuestions It had a score of $-2$, was more than 30 days old,...
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Deletion of question

See here: The system will automatically delete closed, unlocked, and non-migrated questions that have zero or negative score, have no positively scored or accepted answers or pending reopen votes, ...
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Comment disappeared

Yes, comments are often removed by moderators without notice, often in response to a flag on the comment by some user. Indeed, this is one of the main activities of moderators. Many of these removal ...
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What happened to my question asking about the integral closure of an algebra of finite type over the ring of algebraic integers?

The question was auto-deleted when it reached negative score again. Not to forget: that you run this risk was pointed out to you some time ago; you dismissed this advice. Here is a link to the ...
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How/why did community delete a question? And how to prevent it?

From the MSE deletion faq: If the question is more than 365 days old, and ... has a score of 0 or a score of 1 with a deleted owner has no answers is ...
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The use of the phrase "RemoveAbandonedClosed" in deleted questions

You can find the details here: Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year? The gist is that a question closed for 9 days, with a non-positive score, no positively ...
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Advance knowledge of community deletions?

I think that it is relatively safe to assume that the tasks which run daily are scheduled on the same time. (Similarly, scripts which run once a week/once a month are most likely scheduled on the same ...
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Why was this question deleted by Community, after being closed but with score not below $0$?

This answer on meta.SE gives the criteria for autodeletion, and this question met one of them. Although one of the other criteria depends on the score being negative, the one for closed questions ...
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Downvote / Close / Delete

Deleted questions are only about a fifth of all questions (about the same is true for posts, and also when restricted to, say, calculus and last year). Thus, performance and resources are presumably ...
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A question I answered seems to have been deleted

The posts you link to concern auto-deletion and deletion by OP. However, posts can also be deleted by votes of 10k+ users (and moderators). See How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be ...
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