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Reopened Please consider reopening this question Find the range of values of $θ$, such that $θ\in[0,2π]$ for which $(\cosθ,\sinθ)$ lies inside a triangle this question is completely understandable as all the equations are now written in math JAX also it might have happened that people who were unable to solve the question have reported it. This question is ...


Undeleted RKHS of functions vanishing at single point Asker deleted the question soon after receiving an answer. The question is homework-like, but the asker showed a decent effort in my view. I didn't vote to undelete since the answer is mine, and I wanted to see what others think.


Reopened Please consider reopening this Question, which was closed for lack of context. Yet the original opening paragraph gives the following context: I have a young group of kids (30) playing soccer and they need to be put into 6 teams of 5 players for each round of matches. All 6 teams play at the same time on adjoining fields. I make a point of ...

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