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In terms of reputation, one way to minimise the difference between the two answers is to upvote and accept the answer (by ticking it) you think is the most clear and of higher quality. This would gain them +25 rep. For the other answer, you can upvote too and provide the bounty of +50. This would gain them +60 rep; the difference is only 35 rep. As @Mars ...


Yes. For example, you might think that the existing answers, whether one has been accepted or not, don't fully address the question (sometimes a reader has a different opinion about what constitutes a "fully satisfying answer" than the original poster of the question). Another thing you can do is use a bounty to award an existing answer you think is really ...


Yes, of course. But you need to have 75 points of reputation in order to set up a bounty. So you're one vote away from that goal.


Questions with a bounty cannot be put on hold. However, moderators can cancel a bounty. (Then, it can be put on hold.) Yet, usually, we don't cancel bounties. This means, that trying to put on hold a question with a bounty should be reserved for exceptional cases. If there is some actual problem, don't hesitate to bring it up; what I want to discourage ...


As explained in some older posts, the fact that the bounty is owned by the Community user means that the user who originally offered the bounty have deleted their account. See: Bounty by Community? and How Does the Community User Set Bounties? You can find similar past bounties in the bounties tab of the Community user profile's page. If you look at ...


Check out The Pearl Dive chatroom! In this chatroom, someone who wants a bounty placed somewhere can explain why and others evaluate if they want to place a bounty. Not only is your idea a great one, but others think so too - and created this chatroom for people like you!

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