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This turns out to be an interaction between StackExchange's Markdown processor and MathJax. Here's what's going on: in the editor, the preview code has to remove the mathematics before it is processed by Markdown (so that the mathematics isn't changed by Markdown) and then puts it back in the text of the post. It does that by looking for the math ...


A regression bug was introduced here that prevented some (but not all) comment notifications from going out. The issue has been fixed. Unfortunately there is no practical way for us to requeue the comment notifications that didn't get sent out in the past few hours.


No, you're right that mathjax doesn't recognize $\cosec(x)$: $\cosec(x)$, but it recognizes $\csc(x)$: $\csc(x)$ for use when you want to denote cosecant(x). It is likely due to the fact that \sin(x), \cos(x), \tan(x), \sec(x), \cot(x) all have three-letter operator-names, and so the choice of operator for cosecant, in mathjax, similarly has a three-letter ...


I see it on your profile's favourites. Note that you can order the list by various criteria. Try ordering by "Added".


Stack Overflow developer Yaakov Ellis has provided an answer on meta.stackexchange: Update: This issue has hopefully been fully addressed, the fix is on all network sites. The issue itself had to do with cases where either the poster or the user who raised the close flag had low enough rep that they could not yet access the review queue, and thus the ...

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