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I can confirm that it is a MathJax (as opposed to SE) issue, as I can reproduce it outside of this site. It doesn't happen in LaTeX. As a workaround, you can use $\tilde {f_k}$: $\tilde {f_k}$


I just went to StackOverflow where I have never edited a post before, and tried to edit a post. On the right was this notice, which looks like your description- However it did not cover my "Save Edits" button. I noticed that if I change the zoom setting on the webpage, the box moves. Maybe you can do this to move the box out of the way. Another ...


The option to go to the next page is the button with the triangle: Unlike the mobile apps, the mobile web version of the site is still supported, but Stack Exchange is in the middle of a multi-year program to switch to so-called responsive design which is supposed to look good and work well on desktop, tablet and mobile phones alike. The Q&A pages have ...


This was fixed back in April/May.

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