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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is now fixed. What happened: We show the red dot when the number of active items queue is over a specific number (can differ by queue and by site). The number of active items does not take into account specific tasks that the individual user cannot see. This number is calculated once every 10 minutes per queue ...


It looks like you're in the Low quality posts queue where I understand your concern but what postmortes said in the comments is correct. We're mostly checking for robo-reviewing - people just pushing buttons without thinking about the correct response - and so we don't have much concern for these being easily recognized. As a note, we've recently split the ...


From the announcement of the new review queues on Meta.SE: "A user’s first few posts may require extra attention and to help new users get the hang of things, First questions and First answers will accept up to three posts per user if their first couple aren’t successful."


You can it seems quote with <blockquote> $E= mc^2$ </blockquote> $E= mc^2$ rather than use the leading > if you want to quote a multi-line mathjax expresion


You are right, a migrated question does not show up on the Home page or the Newest Questions page with a "last activity" label. Searching on Meta Stack Exchange, I was able to find the following related bug reports about this aspect of the UI: Migrated questions don't show a "last activity" status in the questions list Migrated questions ...


We've confirmed that this isn't a new bug related to our recent Review Queues launch. The inability to delete in this case was based on existing rules, so it's status-bydesign. We considered greying out or hiding the Delete link on posts when a post doesn't meet the rules, but this had larger implications because it would touch other places in the site, such ...

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