Congratulations to Qiaochu Yuan for being the first user to reach 1,000 (non-unique) badges, including 15 gold and 469 Nice Answers!


Congratulations Daniel Fischer for getting into the 100k club. Your clear explanations and helpful hints combined with your patient mentoring does not go unnoticed in the math chatroom. Also this accomplishment has not been mentioned.


Thank you. I am ambivalent on the badge idea. I am among those who already find sufficient motivation to offer bounties, and I don't know what positive or negative effects such a badge might have. Here is a related thread on meta.stackexchange.com: Badge for bounties offered?


... and closes her* post as off-topic. This question is missing context or other details assuming the name is real, which I doubt.


Thank you all for your kind remarks! When I reached the 100k limit a few days ago, I checked a couple of times - of course - to see if someone had arranged a surprise party here at Meta. But either I had overlooked it or this thread got created just after I had stopped looking (could be a time-zone issue). So much as explanation why I didn't express my ...


User Did has just hit 200K rep today, and the number of 200K+ users on Math S.E. is now three. Congratulations for your fantastic achievement Did! Your dedication, enthusiasm, and insight are really inspiring. You worked hard, you deserve it, and now you have got it! Please accept our congratulations on this wonderful recognition of your merits. I wish you ...


Congratulations to me, the first ever recipient of the highly-coveted big-list bronze tag badge. This goes on my CV, for sure. EDIT–––Even more congratulations to me, for achieving a reputation of exactly 123,456. Just enjoying it while it lasts.


Thanks to Brian and André, I aced my discrete mathematics exam in college :) A big thanks for all your patience and awesomeness! You make math less painful!


Congratulations to Qiaochu Yuan for reaching 200k reputation today! Qiaochu is already a great contributor to the site in terms of giving answers, but let's not forget the fact that he has also served the site as one of the moderators for over 2.5 years. Approximately a year ago, Qiaochu reached the milestone of 1,000 badges – he has now already 1,139 ...


After having been away for a year, and upon return, to work this hard on answering questions means there can be one and only one possible answer to this question: Bill Dubuque is a unique individual who is a truly dedicated mathematics educator. Thank you for all your hard work.


Congratulations to Jack D'Aurizio on reaching 100k reputation. He has made several great answers with often inspiring, creative and elegant solutions.


Congratulations to Henning Makholm on reaching $100$K on $5$ March $2015$, bringing the number of $100$K+ users to a full score; not bad for someone who describes ‘[r]eal mathematics’ as ‘more of hobby’! I always enjoy reading your answers, and not just on account of my particular mathematical interests.


Past congratulatory threads This list was compiled by Martin Sleziak: all the credit goes to him. I merely reformatted it. Reputation Reaching 100k (ordered by id) Congratulations, Arturo! Congratulations, André! Congratulations, Qiaochu! Congratulations, Brian M. Scott! Congratulations, Did hits the 100K!! ...


Looking at the UserId is a serious overestimate. The query SELECT COUNT(Id) AS NumberOfUsers FROM Users returns 82335, based on the data from October 13. (This includes both registered and unregistered accounts.) Since September 1, new users are joining at the rate of about 180/day, see new users per day. If this continues, the user base will reach 100000 ...


Congratulations to Ron Gordon for his glorious achievement: reputation over $100$K. This man is a bless for us all: I learned so much by studying his answers in complex analysis, I will be grateful to him my whole life. And that is just a tiny part of his merits.


Congratulations to Brian M. Scott, who reached 300K reputation as second user today! Also, it turns out it is exactly four years since he posted his first answer. My guess is that he planned on this. Thank you for your great work for the community!


Thank you for all your help Andre!


Simply Pleased and Extremely Delighted, It is my great pleasure to congratulate Prof. Scott. $+\infty$ amount of Thank you Sir!


Congratulations to Georges Elencwajg for surpassing 100,000 reputation on this final day of 2016! Georges's answers in algebra and geometry are an amazing resource for a multitude of users. His cordial and inviting demeanor makes even the most technical of his posts a pleasure to read. Félicitations, et bonne année 2017!


Congratulations, rschwieb, on reaching 100k reputation points! Keep up the good work!


Congrats Prof. Scott. Just looked at one of your answers that is helping me for my homework and saw "203k", had to congratulate. Keep posting your detailed insight to us mortals!


Personally, I find these posts not bad. However, if a somewhat complicated procedure should be needed to fit them in (edit the title, change the accpeted answer, and what not), then I would say the thing has run its course and it is better to stop that tradition, as oppose to continuing it in this rigid form. Perhaps this is a pity for some (including me),...


Thanks, robjohn ... for moderation ... for 2500++ answers ... and 1 question


$$\text{Congrats, Ross!}$$ Vote this answer up to prevent the Community bot from bumping this question periodically.


Congratulations to Mark Viola, the artist formerly known as Dr.MV, for reaching 100,000 reputation! I think I speak for many here when I say that we admire his tireless and constant striving to "provide the best answer [he] can" (as his frequent comment on his own answers says). Even now, over two years after joining, he is consistently a top contributor, ...


Congratulations to Olivier Oloa for reaching 100K. I share many interests with Olivier and I learned very much from his always elegant and inspiring solutions. I wish him a pleasant stay and to reach many other glorious achievements, for the benefit of our whole community.


If it's ok I'd like to add my thanks to Prof. Scott here. He's helped me in like a dozen or so questions, some I was not too far off and some I just didn't understand the 1st thing about what I was doing. Either way, after his comments and corrections I quickly understood how the concept worked and why. I feel like I've learned more from him than from ...

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