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For questions about real time web chat that accompanies Mathematics Stack Exchange site.

Similarly as other SE sites, chat is a part of MSE.

  • You can find out more about chat in faq.

  • If you use main chatroom, it might be useful to read Main Chatroom Etiquete Rules.

  • If you want to use TeX-syntax for discussing mathematics, have a look here to see how to get it rendered in chat.

Some links and additional information information that can be useful (including some frequently asked questions):

  • How do I invite a user to chat?
  • List of chatrooms - this post contains list and brief descriptions of some chatrooms related to this site which are most frequently used.
  • For every chat message you can get a small menu by clicking on the triangle next to the message on the left. Here you can choose permalink (to get a link to the specific message), history (which is useful if you want to see source of the message) and reply. (The possibility to reply to a specific message is useful if you want to indicate what exactly you are responding to. It is possible to do this both when you are in the room or from the transcript.)
  • When posting links in chat, you can use [text](url) syntax (similarly as in comments). For example: You can find more information in [the chat tag-info]( will give you: "You can find more information in the chat tag-info".
  • Chat messages are limited to 500 characters - if you use multiline messages you can add much more but this also has disadvantage. (The whole text is displayed only after clicking "see full text". Links in mulitine messages do not work in the transcript.) For more on this see: What is the maximum length of a chat room message?