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The idea is that the focus of moderation should be on recent content, but curating old content is also important. There is certainly no rule against closing old questions. There are some users that are against closing well-received old questions that add value, on the mere grounds that they arguably fall short of current standards. I personally don't think ...


That is because it was flagged that the duplicate was inappropriate-- specifically, that the duplicate target was about implicit parenthesis, which was not applicable to your question. I do think this is a good point, so I reopened it. I expect it will be closed again, most likely, but with a more appropriate duplicate target.


About the first part of your question (about low effort posts) - this is exactly what the "missing context" close reason is for. (Of course, context is wider than just effort - there are also other ways to include context than just own attempts at the problem. A reasonable explanation what is meant by context can be found in the "Provide ...

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