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This is a temporal coincidence. Comment deletions have no reputation impact. (And your comment wasn't near bad enough to get you into trouble, it was just on the "delete" side of the "what to do when flagged" question.) It just happened that in the same minute that your comment was deleted, also a question you had answered was deleted, ...


I have a lot of answers out there and find this behavior quite rare-a few times a year. More often I get tagged after answering a recent question asking me to take a look at another of the same poster's questions, but that is still rare. I would agree it is rude, but say it is not a problem due to the rarity.


Yes, this is rude, really regardless of whether the post is old. If it is in a subject that they are interested in, they will see the new question and answer it if they want to. They don't need a notification to find these questions, it is likely they already visit MSE regularly and have watched tags to find questions they are interested in.


I wouldn't find a one-off comment rude or even a problem in the slightest, especially if this was a subject of particular interest to the user. After all, it takes a moment to be notified of a comment and to either ignore it or to reply that it's not of interest. Even better if you later prune away your comment. But to do this repeatedly or in volume would ...


"Rude" is maybe a strong word, but it is certainly discouraged. If you do it once, likely nothing much negative will happen. But as a rule please do not do this. An exception might be if the posts are extremely closely linked, say, if you ask a a direct follow-up question or something like that. But even in that case I would recommend to be ...


An answer should answer the question, and so the comment from review is correct: "This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. - From Review" It would have been better if you had summarised the comments in your answer. This makes your answer an actual, self-...

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