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If you're on a Mac, text replacement shortcuts are a built-in feature. Its less capable than the other options, but requires no installation and should Just Work in every browser (in fact, system-wide, which might be too much...) You can find this option by opening System Preferences > Keyboard, and then the Text submenu. You should see this window (or ...


Misused tag problem-solving Do you need to solve a problem? That's what this site is all about, but please, don't use the tag problem-solving to tell us that. Use that tag only if you have a specific type of problem and you are asking for a way of thinking needed to solve those problems in general. Do you need to solve a problem? That's what this site is ...


Comments require a minimum of 15 characters, and may be no more than 600 characters long. The intended use for comments is to ask for clarification and/or to suggest changes to a post. Such requests should almost certainly require more than 15 characters to make clear—the average word in English is somewhere around 4–5 letters long, which means that a ...


This is a bad situation. I disagree. This is an incredibly minor thing.

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