The question asker deleted their account, and upon account-deletion, all negatively-scored content from that account is deleted. So the question did meet the criteria for deletion, although not those for roomba-deletion.


The Community user is mostly a token in a data base. The edits done by the community user are for the most part suggested edits that were proposed and approved by users. In rare cases SE starts some automated mass edit and that is also attributed to this user. Other than that actions by deleted user accounts get transferred to Community user. It is also ...


This is not a separate answer, just a tip to keep in mind with respect to users who delete their accounts, or their accounts are deleted. I'd comment, but I plan to post an image, which I can't do in a comment. When you see any user######, along with the ghost like avatar, you can know that the user no longer has an account. Also, note that unlike users ...

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