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What to do with my cross-posted question that got answered elsewhere?

I would recommend that you answer the question yourself, mostly because it would otherwise go on the Unanswered Questions queue for a silly reason. But also, answers from MathOverflow are not always ...
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How long should one wait before cross-posting?

Thanks to the helpful links posted in the comments by Martin Sleziak, I obtained a precise answer to the question here. The answer, on MO Meta, was to a question about cross-posting in the opposite ...
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Incorrectly posting on Meta

Often it is in the user's interest not to migrate the post. A migration does not help them that much, it is easy enough to copy over the post. However, there are at least two drawbacks of a ...
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Migrating questions the simple way

The "DIY method" you refer to is called "cross-posting", proper migration would generally include deleting the local copy. Cross-posting between sites—especially sites with a large intersection ...
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Protocol for cross posting when question did not receive any response.

You asked about choosing a set of four parameters for processing some accelerometer data, with the goal of minimizing disagreement between the accelerometer measurements prediction of location and ...
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Asking the same question on MSE and MO

In my opinion, it's not a good idea to compare questions at MSE/MO with pizza/falafel orders. The qualitative difference is that when you "call the local pizza place" you have immediate feedback, and ...
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Is it OK to ask a question from stackexchange again on overflow?

I've looked at the Question at issue, and I think it not in good shape for Math.SE or MathOverflow. It asks about "how many" functions of three variables cannot be expressed as a composition of two ...
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Asking the same question on MSE and MO

I have always wondered if MSE and MO are that different when it comes to research-level questions: As I take it a true "research" question would require research to answer. - Why would somebody do ...
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