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Today, a new topbar was rolled out. One of the changes is the location of the site-switcher, which is now on the right. The Stack Exchange logo on the left now takes one to https:/ The change is not universally loved.


When writing I try to follow 3 rules. If followed, your 0 vs o is not an issue. Use math mode for maths. For example, if I have $10$ orangutangs and I buy $32$ more then I have $42$ orangutangs. Spell out the numbers for small numbers. For example, "follow three rules" but not "follow thirty-three rules". (The first journal I submitted ...


The problem seems to be caused by the fact that button elements on math.SE have no explicit font specified — they're just styled as font-family: sans-serif. In most cases, this is pretty harmless, but in this particular case, the layout breaks if an unusually wide font, such as DejaVu Sans Bold, happens to get chosen. Adding an explicit CSS rule like:...

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