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Why Reputation is Locked After a Serial Up-Voting?

Yours was a bit of an edge case. The serial voting script runs early in the day (UTC, of course), and thus usually the votes it reverses are from the previous day. Then the reputation recalculation ...
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If reputation reaches daily maximum

They (as gender-neutral term) earn 25 rep, not 13. Help center says: Bounty awards, accepted answers, and association bonuses are not subject to the daily reputation limit.
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Negative points

You never get -2 for the up-vote. But you might get a down-vote, though I do not believe this was what happened in your case. But for completeness, the issue is this: at 200 points via votes you ...
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200 reputations limit per day

Exactly this question has been asked before so here is the answer from user642896 (in case the "before" button is inaccessible: No. (In some sense you didn't lose any rep: it just was never ...
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When is an upvote worth just one reputation point?

Yes. Once you reach 200 rep points on any given day, (with the exception of points from "accepted" answers), you are said to have "capped" in reputation for the day. You show 216 in rep on today (...
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Negative points

no idea what ..............................
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